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Legionella compliance

Service overview

Legionella risk assessment surveys and reports

Management reviews and audits

Site specific written scheme of control

Bespoke logbook and record systems

A legionella compliance audit is a detailed review of an organisation’s legionella management plan, control procedures and day-to-day activities; determining compliance with current legislation and guidance relating to the control of legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ disease in the workplace.

Hydrocert offers a suite of comprehensive services for legionella risk assessments, surveys and reports for organisations across the UK. 

Legionella risk assessment surveys and reports

ACoP L8, HSG274 parts 1, 2 & 3 and BS8580-1 compliant surveys: review the water systems from source to use, the management structures, procedures and record systems to ensure compliance. The end report includes clear action tables and a simple priority system to be used actively in any logbook as a means of reviewing progress towards lower risk systems. 

The description and asset records detail the management and asset information for ease of reference. We produce site water system schematic drawing productions to aid representation of the system and sentinel test locations.

Hydrocert uses industry and practical experienced consultants and surveyors, providing the most appropriate and manageable solutions for our clients.

Management reviews and audits

Auditing and reviewing the legionella control programmes is now considered higher priority than routine full site survey risk assessments. This reduces unnecessary costs of repeated surveys where changes and control measures do not warrant a new risk assessment.

These detailed reports will investigate existing control measures and management systems to review active use, outstanding actions and up-to-date compliance with the latest industry requirements. The end report includes clear action tables and a simple priority system to be used actively in any logbook as a means of reviewing progress towards lower risk systems.

Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications

Hydrocert offers a range of Ofqual-registered and government-regulated level 2 and 3 courses with qualifications. This ensures the development and competence of those involved with the control of legionella and water treatment.

Courses are delivered through approved training and course providers; they can be held at a location to suit client needs.

Modest student numbers allow each individual to receive focused training from industry-leading experts.

Once achieved, these qualifications are a permanent record.

Other tailored awareness training and site based development programmes are available from Hydrocert.


A real team with real people you can reach out to, that have your back the whole time and deliver compliance continuously. I’d never hesitate to recommend them, be it a small managing agent or block, through to high-end multi-block new builds and everything in between.

Louie-Mae Gibson

Estate Director, Knight Frank

Site specific written scheme of control

The Operation and Maintenance Manual for legionella control is designed to be used on every property. 

This is a key legal document required to ensure that anyone involved – newly appointed, auditing or investigating a site – can easily determine: 

  • who is responsible for which elements 
  • what tasks are required and to which parameters
  • what to do in the event of parameter failure 
  • how to handle special situations such as start-up and shutdown 
  • the reaction process to legionella presence or even a suspected outbreak

Bespoke logbook and record systems

Record systems are the only method of providing key evidence of control systems in place. They must be easy to follow, readily available and accessible to all persons responsible for every task in the Written Scheme of Control.

Hydrocert offers bespoke hard copy documentation for those requiring physical records, online solutions for an increasingly paperless industry or a combination of both to suit individual needs.

Our clients are able to instantly access their records at any time – including certificates, reports or any other key documentation – from any device. Vital when there’s an immediate or unexpected need to provide a document.

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