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Water feature management

Service overview

Water quality testing

Cleaning and disinfection

Ensure your water features are maintained and kept in perfect operational condition.

Hydrocert offers a suite of comprehensive services for water feature management, including: water quality testing, cleaning and disinfecting for organisations across the UK. 

Water quality testing

All service visits are carried out by highly qualified and skilled technicians, using the best available equipment in a well-maintained and regularly calibrated state. This provides the highest level of accuracy and aids trending of the data produced to confidently maintain system water in a safe condition. With minimal risks of corrosion or fouling, the potential for treatment products is maximised thereby preventing waste.

Electronic reports are well presented, consistently populated and readily available after each visit. Microbiological assessments are certified using our UKAS registered laboratories and the data represented in a clear Red Amber Green (RAG) coded system, including comments and recommendations associated with every sample. Information is comprehensive and accessible.

Cleaning and disinfection

Regular cleaning and disinfection is required for the removal of physical contamination and provides an opportunity to review internal conditions of the accessible system areas. This forms a key part of regular success tracking of any treatment programme. Any tanks and pits associated with the feature are included, using specialist access equipment and confined space practices.

Exceptional on-site and back-office support work from the Hydrocert team.

Louie-Mae Gibson

Estate Director, Knight Frank

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