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Closed systems and water treatment

Service overview

Closed heating and cooling system management

Pre-commission and remedial system cleaning

Steam boiler treatment

Treatment and dosing systems

Water treatment services and solutions from Hydrocert.

Hydrocert offers a suite of comprehensive services for water treatment, including: closed heating and cooling system management, pre-commission and remedial system cleaning, steam boiler treatment and dosing systems for organisations across the UK. 

Closed heating and cooling system management

Accurate routine monitoring of chemical and microbiological conditions is vital for ensuring water quality is maintained to protect heating and cooling assets and associated circulation systems. As well as maximising the lifespan of system parts, it will also maintain efficiency of flow and heat exchange, and consequently reduce heating and cooling energy bills.

In addition to testing, correct product selection for the system materials, tolerances and operational characteristics is necessary. Using a range of products from specialist manufacturers, all systems are treated individually by our expert technical assessors and account managers to provide compatible and efficient solutions.

As founder members of the Closed System Control Association, Hydrocert helps provide input into this sector ensuring we maintain industry-leading expertise.

Pre-commission and remedial system cleaning

Hydrocert will assess the most suitable solution whether your system is a new installation, alteration or addition to an existing system or has deteriorated. Our dedicated team follow industry guidance and best practice to achieve the highest quality results.

Hydrocert have worked alongside Millharbour for a number of years. They bring a clear and concise water hygiene and treatment management process to every project, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our business.

Their reporting and management structure is second to none. They are responsive and fast-acting with administrative, management and technical duties.

Overall, they help give me peace of mind that our systems are healthy and will continue to operate as designed.

Jamie Young

Managing Director, Millharbour FM

Steam boiler treatment

Water quality in high-pressure/high-heat boilers is critical to maintain system integrity and performance. Our technical service and account managers balance and treat these systems with carefully managed water chemistry and product selection.

Treatment and dosing systems

Hydrocert delivers a wide range of specialist water treatment solutions – chemical or physical – to achieve the best results for any water system. These include: reverse osmosis, water softening by ion exchange or other electromagnetic solutions, chemical hardness reduction, disinfection solutions and filtration for any of the aforementioned water systems.

Projects can be managed from the design stage through to installation, maintenance and training. Service contracts ensure long-term performance is maximised and system lifespan extended.

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